Daily Suggestions

Try each of these every day. We were told that if we try to do these things as best we can, then it is impossible to have a bad day. Our experience has borne this out. These suggestions are actions consistent with a start at the daily practice of the Steps 10, 11, 12, and our practise of these steps will develop and be more complete once our sponsor has guided us through Steps 1-12. The programme is often summarised as: trust God, clean house, help others. Each of these actions is consistent with this.


Prayer on knees to Higher Power

Morning: ‘Please keep me sober today so that I may be of service to others’

Night: ‘Thank you for keeping me sober today’


Morning: read the "Just for Today Card". There may be ways to incorporate it into your life: if something occurs as you read it, ask your HP to help you to put it into practice. Also, re-view gratitude list from previous night.

Night: write a list of things we ought to be grateful for (gratitude list) and thank your higher power for what you have been given. For example: sober, bed to sleep in, somewhere to live, food for today, clothes to wear … etc. You can put down any little events specific to that day. Don’t wait to feel grateful before you put them down. Most of us had to practise this exercise before we felt grateful.


It is suggested that you phone your sponsor and do exactly what he tells you. If you don’t have a sponsor try each day to do something about finding one.

Read the book Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book)

A couple of pages a day (more if you can). This reminds us what a great life is on offer and reassures us that our sponsors are giving us the real deal.

This is a reference to getting rid of our resentment and fear. Steps 4-9 in particular will deal with that. Until then you can do the following whenever fear or resentment crop up:

If frightened or anxious – Say the Serenity Prayer

‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

If angry or annoyed at someone – Pray for him or her e.g: ‘Please God bless XX and let him be happy and do your will’ or ‘Please God bless XXX and let her have everything I would wish for myself’ or ‘Please God give me the same tolerance, patience and pity I would cheerfully grant a sick friend’

The aim is to do some AA service each day: Commit to two weekly meetings “home groups” and when possible get two (in total) service commitments. At any group pitch in and be helpful e.g. welcome visitors and new members, help tidy/set up. At your home groups arrive when the room is opened up and always be available to go for coffee afterwards at the ‘meeting after the meeting’.

Phone a couple of newcomers (newer than you). This is especially helpful on the days that we don’t go to meetings.